Wushu-Kung Fu Coach, Parkour Coach and PNMAA’s Owner: Jeannette Shea A Skagit County resident since 1989, Jeannette brings over 15 years of sports-related business knowledge to PNMAA.  A Qigong & Yang style Taichi practitioner since 2007, Jeannette was first taught by a local Taiji Teacher and later in both internal and external wushu styles by an international competitor/coach.  In 2014, she also completed the Yang Style 24 Form class at Skagit Valley College where she co-taught other students throughout the quarter and received an “A” in the class. Jeannette has been assisting with Qigong & Taichi instruction since 2009 and is currently teaching external styles as well at PNMAA. In addition to Chinese Martial Arts Instruction, Coach Jeannette teaches indoor Parkour for children.  Any questions relating to enrollment, registration, billing, etc., should be directed to Jeannette.

Jeannette Shea CMAT 23 March 2015Taiji Jian Tigerclaw Elite Championship May 2015Jeannette's 2015 Tiger Claw Elite Championship Medals

Spring 2015 Competition Update:

Jeannette competed at the 2015 CMAT and Tiger Claw Elite Championships in California (March and May).  She metaled in each event she entered and even qualified for the Grand Championship at the Tiger Claw Elite Championship!





Gymnastics, Tumbling, Flexibility/Conditioning Coach:  Stephanie Shea Involved in gymnastics for over 20 years, Stephanie trained in artistic gymnastics and competed for many years working towards becoming a Level 9 gymnast.  In addition, her flexibility allowed her to study rhythmic gymnastics as well.  During her high school years, Stephanie began competing in the Trampoline & Tumbling discipline.  She earned her way to U.S. Nationals twice placing 1st on Double Mini and 3rd in Power Tumbling.  She ended her Trampoline & Tumbling competition career as a Level 8 in Power Tumbling and Level 9 in Double Mini.  With over 12 years of artistic gymnastics coaching and two years of coaching Dance Acro and Cheer Tumbling, Stephanie is a welcome addition to the staff at PNMAA!


 Gabi Maxwell, Muay Thai coach at PNMAA  Gabi Maxwell    Muay Thai Coach:  Gabi Maxwell PNMAA welcomes Gabi Maxwell this Summer, 2016! Gabi has been training Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, for over 11 years.  She is certified through the World Thai Boxing Association and has over 20 ring fights under her belt.  Training Muay Thai with Gabi will enhance your athletic attributes such as hand speed, foot speed, explosive power as well as enjoying the health benefits of a balanced aerobic and anaerobic fitness regime.

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